Assembly for Exclusive Brands: our logistics approach!

Exclusive Brands had a nice logistical challenge for us. BME handles the assembly of their combo packs. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and their Prestashop are seamlessly linked with each other. Just how does the assembly work? We briefly explain.

Our client Exclusive Brands sells through all kinds of marketplaces (think Showroomprivé for example). They distribute their own brand Prodental in combination with Oral B products, using a Prestashop with multiple stores.

Stock level in WMS

These orders are often packages consisting of multiple combos of products. We receive the orders digitally, after which we use a digitized process to bring the separate stocks together and assemble them into a finished product. This is always in function of the stock sold.


Sync Prestashop

In order for assembly to run smoothly, we need to know what a pack consists of (e.g. toothbrush + attachment + 2 tubes of toothpaste). We set up a synchronization with their Prestashop to read the products in the packs. Our system immediately passes these pick lists to the operators in the warehouse so they can stock the assembly area.


Assembly Zone

The Moment of Truth. We ended up in the assembly area. There they get to work on the work orders. Through the system, they confirm what has just been assembled and thus what goes definitively into the stock. That way, quality can also be maintained at all times!

Perhaps more importantly, assembly is always done according to sales. As a result, there is never too much assembly. Plus, in this way, every single product type can be smoothly processed as a component in multiple single packages.

The orders are now made, go back into the stock and can then be picked and packed. Another logistics challenge brought to a successful conclusion!

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