About BME

BME was founded in 2009 by Daniel Ciccodemarco and Chris Pietermans. At that point in time, Daniel was working with a large international logistics player. Chris was Process Manager at one of the largest Belgian IT firms.

In the starting period Chris and Daniel were mostly developing websites on the side of their day jobs. E-commerce was fairly new at the time, but they felt it was an industry on the rise. The demand for webshops was increasing exponentially. New opportunities were ready to be seized. 

The first webshop Chris and Daniel developed was managed together with a client. Developing the webshop, storing the products and organizing the logistics. It was a huge learning curve. 

And this was the biggest takeway:

Each project is unique. And the success rate of each project depends on a lot of different elements. 

They noticed early on which the challenges in the fast-saturating e-commerce market were: Mapping the different steps between idea and delivery on the customer's doorstep. 

BME is the first Belgian supplier who offers e-commerce services from A to Z. From concept to completion. Developing webshops, storing products, managing supplies, picking packages, shipping and the after-sales service. 

The first reactions learned us that entrepreneurs were looking for one address, one supplier to help them roll out their e-commerce project. Once BME decided to fill in this demand, its growth entered a rapid acceleration. This only fueled the two friends' enthusiasm. And let this be one of the driving forces of entrepreneurship.

Why BME?

BME helps you from A to Z. From concept to completion. From webshop development to choosing the appropriate marketing strategy. We almost store anything in our warehouses. Even if your products need to be kept frozen or refrigerated. Because BME offers all services in-house, every important aspect is grouped with one supplier. And that makes a difference, in organization and administration.

By taking care of storage and shipment, we help you decrease your workload. This way, you can focus more on growing your company. Our powerful, cloud-bases warehouse management software works seamlessly with almost any webshop platform out there. It allows you to monitor stock movements in real-time. Anytime. Anywhere.

We think that shipping your products should be as easy as simply selling them. We give everyone the same chances for success. BME helps almost any business, whether your small or large. With a global scope - without any worries.

Whether you're just getting started, or you're a seasoned pro. We adapt and grow with your business.

Last year, BME helped dozens of entrepreneurs starting their own business, selling more and exploring new markets. We make sure your clients' satisfaction increases, while your shipment rates go down.

Where do we stand for?

We don't go for standard concepts or solutions. We always think creatively and look together for the best solution for your project. An e-commerce think tank, that's what BME is. For your project, we're happy to think out of the box.

BME in "De Tijd"

You can read a complete article (in Dutch) covering BME in "De Tijd". One of the leading Belgian financial-economic newspapers.

behind the scenes

  • September 2009BME is founded!

    Daniel Ciccodemarco and Chris Pietermans start developing websites.
  • February 2010Foundation XL Host

    BME invests in its own servers. That way we can offer our customers in-house hosting.
  • May 2011Festivalking.com

    The e-commerce market is still in its infancy. Behind the scenes we learned the necessary skills to launch the first webshop.
  • February 2012E-fulfillment

    BME runs Festivalking together with the owner, Ruben Opheide. We are listing the different e-fulfillment aspects and processes. At this point in time, we're looking for the simultaneous optimization of webshop growth and profitabilty.
  • April 2012E-fulfillment test cases

    We are expanding our test case by integrating different webshops from befriended entrepreneurs.
  • January 2013Appleberg sees the light of day

    Together with Ruben we're founding Appleberg. It's a company oriented towards e-fulfillment solutions. From Ruben's warehouse, we give co-entrepreneurs the possibility to outsource their warehouse management operations.
  • May 2013Assembly

    It's our mission to unburden the e-entrepreneur. We assemble in-house, so we can guarantee the best quality.
  • February 2014BME takes over Appleberg

    Now we're able to offer the complete process to our customers. From concept to completion. From idea to getting your products on your customers' doorstep.
  • May 2014Fresh, cooled and frozen food

    A logical step. The opportunity was there. And our gut feelings had been confirmed. Don't just dribble. Score!
  • November 2014Welcome Hans!

    Hans Kelchtermans is our newest Web Designer. Together with Daniel, he's responsible for the development of all websites and webshops.
  • March 2015BME reinforces itself

    March is a crucial month for the future of the company.

    Thanks to the support of Enterprise Flanders, Inno Invest and the people from SALK, BME is able to increase its capital.

    Financial institution KBC and investment company LRM are also supporting BME to facilitate the further professionalization of our company.
  • March 2015Welcome Koen!

    Koen supports our team by giving financial, entrepreneurial and strategic advice.

    He helps to determine company policies to ensure BME keeps delivering the best quality service to our clients.
  • March 2015Welcome Bart!

    Bart Penders joins the BME ranks. Together with Chris he will take care of the company's sales and marketing activities. They are responsible for the Client Relationship Management.
  • BME moves to Genk

    BME moves to the new location in Genk

    According to the prestigious Prime Logistics Rapport from Cushman & Wakefield, Limburg is one of the top three logistical hotspots today - but more importantly - in the future too.

    Furthermore, the warehouse capacity has expanded dramatically. The ground floor now covers 5.500m² with 600m² in height. Together with 258m² office space, we are ready to handle the growth of your webshop!

    We would like to give special thanks to the people of Locate in Limburg and the city of Genk. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.
  • April 2015Welcome Christof!

    Christof is our newest warehouse operator. He's responsible for all things related to the warehouse. A seasoned professional who makes sure your packages arrive fast, fase and correct at your customers' doorsteps.
  • June 2015Welcome Irfan!

    Irfan joins the ranks of BME. An experienced, motivated worker who handles your products with the highest care. We're glad to have him, because it's important that the right products get to the right customer.
  • July 2015Welcome Rosaria!

    Rosaria combines years of commercial experience with strong administrative skills. She takes BME's customer support to the next level.
  • September 2015Welcome Harun!

    He may be the youngest, but he most certainly isn't a pushover. Harun brings life to our company. Together with Christof and Irfan, energetic Harun makes sure your packages reach your customers in time. Safely.
  • October 2015Welcome Christoph!

    Christoph helps the BME-team with sales, marketing and contract support. He's also Chief Commercial Officer with an international software company. In his past law career he advised growing IT- and e-commerce companies.
  • November 2015Welcome Niels!

    iels assists Hans in developing our client's websites and webshops. He takes care of the increasing workload and makes sure your waiting time for development shortens - without ever losing track of quality levels.
  • January 2016Welcome Ritchy!

    Ritchie joins the company at the start of the 2016. Together with the rest of the team he makes sure that orders arrive swiftly and without any problems with your customers.
  • April 2016Welcome Geoffry!

    Geoffry manages the warehouse together with Daniel. He actively improves the processes within the warehouse and makes sure that the inbound, planning and order picking run smoothly.