60% growth in first half 2020 & 2700 m2 warehouse expansion


In 2015, we inaugurated our first real warehouse on Henry Fordlaan in Genk. A lot has changed since that day. We have continued to follow the consumer's changing needs. Flexible, insightful and across every sales channel. Always with a strong focus on IT.

As a company, we have put ourselves on the map as a quality e-fulfilment player, strongly committed to a digital way of working. This gives us the ability to flexibly adapt our logistics services to suit our customers' needs. We believe that logistics must become much closer to the customer's strategy and the changing needs and wishes of the end customer. This is only possible through total integration of systems, which are set up in a modular way.

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Annual growth sees boost in 2020

We experienced growth of more than 25% every year. In the first 6 months of this year, we even stepped up a gear with growth of more than 60%. Growth, which comes thanks to new customers but certainly also thanks to loyal partnerships with existing customers. With this solid base, we can continue to improve our services, taking into account the continuous changes in the market.

Therefore, we are also extremely proud to announce that we have taken into use an additional 2700 m2 warehouse in Genk. The reason why we chose Genk again is, on the one hand, because it allows us to grow under the direct wings of the existing structure and thus avoid growing pains, but certainly also because Genk has a fantastic location to realize the European ambitions of our customers.

So today we have 8000 m2 of storage space and are eagerly looking forward to our future, but certainly also to that of our partners.

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