thE-Commerce Platform

You have the products? We take care the rest! From designing your webshop to delivering your orders on your customer's doorstep.
We cover every step of the way. One solution for all challenges? Or just for particular modules? The choice is yours.

Why BME?

BME helps you from van A to Z

From webshop development to choosing the appropriate marketing strategy.

And we stock (almost) anything in our warehouse. Even if your products are fresh or frozen.

Because BME offers all services under one roof, everything is aggregated with one supplier.

What's important is that it saves you from headaches - both in organization and administration.

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Some facts

What your clients say about us

  • Clear communication.
  • Solution focused thinking.
  • Product with several components? We take care of it's assembly.
  • Not just another supplier. But a partner.
  • Free support.

Daniel Ciccodemarco

Manager / IT & Operations

Daniel is our Operations Manager. He is a strong solution focused thinker. An expert in all things related to websites and webshops. He combines his expertise with 14 years of experience in a major logistics multinational.

Chris Pietermans

Manager / Sales & Marketing

Chris is driven, results-oriented and a strong communicator. He connects our clients to our organization. He gained his experience as a Process Manager with one of the major Belgian IT firms.

  • During our search for an e-commerce partner we knocked on the doors of big and little companies. BME offers an all-in-one solution, from webshop development to logistics, which was the deciding factor for us. Their experience, personal contact and quick interventions are an important added value. Their team thinks with us, take into account our values throughout the entire proces and works in all transparency.
  • LignaPharma bvba offers a wide range of high quality paramedic food products (mainly for overweight, denutrition, sport,...), only available through (para)medical professionals. Since the founding of LignaPharma we searched for a partner to who we could outsource the logistical route. Because that's our philosophy: limit yourself to the one thing you're good at, limit yourself to your core competencies. You're never capable of doing everything in the same professional way as a company that's specialized. We don't have the logistical processes and software in-house, and to be fair we don't want that, that's not our core. We wanted to get rid of everything that has to do with stockage. We didn't want no logistics headaches, no logistics staff, no own logistics software. We were looking for a professional partner who could do that for us and our customers, and ended up finding BME. With our previous fulfillment-partner I found the processes insufficiently automated. A situation that was unbearable in the long run and also limited the strong growth of our company. We didn't want to check everything twenty times. And that's where BME's good at: the automatization of the entire logistics proces. For our paramedic food products is a perfect hygiene and traceability very important, and that's also very well taken care off. Next to a professional inbound and storage, we mainly sought a partner that also could deliver the orders of our customers quickly and without any problems. Automated, while towards our customers, still a personal and custom-fit service. That works well, the dozens of order every day leave punctual and flawless. This to great satisfaction of our customers, also regarding the flexibility. And if there's a problem, BME reacts very quickly. If something must be taken care off urgently, that will happen. Extra plus point is that our customers are free to choose the courier service. So can they for example choose per region for another service, depending on their preference. And if there's a problem with a certain courier (for example: a strike), it's still possible to use another courier.
    Mary Romano & Dirk Janssen
    LignaPharma bvba
  • Since 2013 we've chosen for BME as partner of our website. Just in time we made the transformation from our "old informative website" to a website that really plays into the E-commerce story. With success! Meanwhile is our website, with clear webshop, a website that on a daily base attracts a lot of visitors from across Belgium but also beyond that. In the era of our last website we worked with different suppliers. We had one supplier who managed our website, two suppliers who managed the domain name, one supplier for the hosting, ... Since the collaboration with BME everything goes through the same partner. One supplier, one contact for everything of and around your website! That's not only simpler but also faster and more transparent. With BME you can easily make a support-ticket. Within a short period you receive an answer and also right away the solution. Waiting doesn't take long anymore... During the development of our website we had a few appointments and mailings to transfer our vision to the webshop-designer. This went very smoothly without any form of stress despite the time pressure. Also the price is quite good.
    Benoit Bollaers
    Wijnhuis Christiaens (wine seller)
  • BME shows a good insight on the general needs for our webshop. Our functional requirements were almost entirely fulfilled. Actively was sought after solutions or alternatives for potential problems. There was very quick feedback on questions during the construction of the website. The calls always went very polite and kind. If someone wasn't able to come to the phone, they always called back very quickly. The hiring of Rosaria is very positive in relation to the succession of the logistical questions. Overall, there's rapid feedback. We're very pleased about the price-quality ratio. I had a few question about the fulfillment software and was quickly, competently and politely helped. Very enjoyable to collaborate with a supplier in such a manner.  
    Wendy Snoekx